"Their live shows are superb, accurate to a fault, ensuring spot on performance as well as powerful rock delivery with truly awesome lighting and visual spectacle."


We all know how highly Toto are regarded by music lovers all over the world, especially by musicians.
Their music is highly complex, but at the same time so pleasing to the ear and complimented by inspirational lyrics.

Forty years on, with 21 Album releases to date, and half a billion record sales to their credit, Toto songs continue to amaze and inspire a whole new generation of music lovers and musicians.

To attempt to recreate such a high standard of performance is no mean feat and quite a challenge as you can imagine. However, the musicians of 'Totally Toto' are regarded as some of the best in their field and this labour of love has created a very special show paying homage to one of the World’s most accomplished bands.

All of Toto’s greatest hits are included in this 100 minute production. Rosanna, Africa, Hold the Line are the obvious choices, other great tracks from many of their albums are also featured such as Goodbye Eleanor, Childs Anthem, White Sister, Home Of the Brave, Georgy Porgy and a couple of their cover arrangements from the Through The Looking Glass Album.